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Skopelos, Greece, offers all the activities a traveler should enjoy on a Mediterranean getaway in spades, from the mysterious tombs that you'd rather not explore to the sun that soaks up the beaches of the Aegean Sea and the beautiful mountains of Greece. Greece is home to some of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, such as Athens, Crete, Athens and the Bay of Athens.

Skopelos is one of the few Mediterranean destinations that is not crowded in July and August, so if you want to make the most of your holiday on the island, we recommend you visit the popular diving center Skopelos. If you choose SkopselOS for a holiday, be prepared for the fact that it looks small, but ask your guide if he will let you enjoy the quiet, empty paradise with its beaches. There are many places to fill your time, including various beaches, from day trips to the neighbors Skiathos and Alonnisos. You can visit a lively village or an old-fashioned village with its own shops and restaurants, and you can even visit one or more of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece, such as the ancient tombs of Athens and Crete, if you are looking for a break from the busy tourist scene in Athens, Crete and Athens.

If you feel like visiting, you should visit the Byzantine monastery of Evangelistria Timiou Prodromou, built in an idyllic location, and if you prefer, you can join a guide and head to the Acropolis Museum to explore on your own or on a tour. If your top priority is the beautiful beaches of Skopelos and the quiet, empty paradise of its beaches, most Greeks would recommend you a visit.

As the island has no airport, visitors must drive to Skopelos before leaving, forget the neighboring island of Skiathos and then take the ferry to Glossa Loutraki (Skopselos town). Take a ferry from Thessaloniki to Athens or from the port of Volos, drive along the coast to Thessaloniki, then drive to Skopelsos and take a ferry to Skiaths, Agios Constatinos or since some islands have no airports, you will need a bus or boat (visitors from Greece and other Greek islands can also get in and out of the airport) to start.

Skopelos has no airport, so visitors have to fly to Skiathos (where other scenes from the original Mamma Mia film were shot) and then take an hour - a long ferry ride to Skopelsos.

During the summer months, flights from all over Europe fly to Volos on the Greek mainland and from there, passengers are ferried to the island of Milto Lena, a small island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. It is highly recommended to take a flight from Athens to Skiathos, which departs around the city. 5: 15 p.m. During the day, the cruise to Mil takes you to Lena for an adventure you have never experienced before, and there are many restaurants, shops, cafes, restaurants and even a few bars along the way. But do not forget how we can see , it is not just a day to spend indoors and outdoors, but a full-fledged tourist destination.

After visiting historical sites, guests of Skopelos can head to a picturesque beach to relax.

Other inhabitants of Skopelos, however, are proud to describe that the island has never become a tourist destination, but rather a destination for locals and tourists alike. Even today, tourists visiting the islands can visit their favorite places, such as the ancient city of Kavala and the beautiful beaches. This tour is therefore a great opportunity to see more of the island itself and see some of its historic sites as well as its famous beaches and other attractions. One of the traditional tourist attractions is the "Kafka Beach," a beautiful beach that featured in the script.

Do not forget to visit the Northern Sporades Marine National Park, which includes a number of small islands and uninhabited islands. Do not be afraid to be on the way to one of the most famous beaches of Skopelos, such as Kavala Beach, or the main beach of the island, Kafka.

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Activities in Skopelos Greece include a walk through the beautiful green forest overseen by the Greek National Park, the largest park in the world with over 1.5 million hectares of land.

More About Skopelos

More About Skopelos