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Anyone who has seen Mamma Mia, the 2008 Hollywood musical, shot on the beaches and cliffs of Skopelos knows how exhilaratingly beautiful the pine-clad Greek island is. Finikas Restaurant Skopelos Town is perhaps one of the best restaurants in Greece and it is home to some of the best dishes you will find on this island.

The list of places to see goes on and on, but this is just the tip of the iceberg; every corner of this country is brimming with zest for life. From the eye-catcher - the landscape of rugged mountains to the pristine pine forests that cover more than half of its territory - Skopelos is embedded with beautiful beaches, beautiful waterfalls and an astonishing number of restaurants and bars that are just the tip of an iceberg. Save money by using public transport, avoiding tourist areas, shopping at local markets and eating where Greeks do. Although well-attended, tourists should beware of advertisements (usually not Greeks) offering free wristbands and flowers.

In Skopelos, wealth is patrilinear and is passed from one generation to the next, making it a matrilineal culture, which is unusual in Greece. This custom is particularly isolated in the north of the country, where wealth can be transferred not by generational transfer, as in other parts of Europe, but by family tree.

While Greece is admittedly a bit of a trek for a weekend getaway, there are many other beautiful places on the planet where you can spend your hard-earned holiday time. Whether you are a short-term visitor or aspiring expat, Greece has it all, and summer in Skopelos is a great opportunity to step back and reconnect with nature and authentic Greek life. Culture is connected to the sea and opens up different people who share common experiences, concerns and dreams, especially when it is located in the Mediterranean.

Greece is very affordable compared to North America and much of the rest of Europe, and choosing to stay on one of the lesser-known islands of Skopelos, such as Kastani Beach (also known as Mamma Mia), will cost you less than the cost of living in the heart of historic Athens or Santorini. If maximum sunshine is your goal, you can get your sun - in Sant'Orini, Crete, where sun worship is a way of life, or in Athens, if you want to relax on one or all of the many picturesque beaches.

The island is connected to Alonissos and Skiathos, which makes it easy to reach the most popular tourist attractions of the island, such as Kastani beach. Visitors can also reach Skopelos by boat, which departs from Athens or Santorini or from other parts of Greece across the Mediterranean.

The earthy Greek paradise in the Aegean is worth more than daydreams, with the crashing waves and the sand - pebble beaches of Kastani beach are on the list. Skopelos is an island because it is home to the famous' party island 'of Mykonos. As such, it is one of the few places where you can enjoy and observe authentic Greek life, find an empty beach and simply relax. While Mia fans can take bus or car tours to the locations, Skopselo offers all the classic Greek island holidays that travelers expect from a traveler.

The island is also famous for its wine, as it was founded by the son of the god of wine and plundered by pirates, Romans and Venetians, although there was never a Turkish settlement on the island.

The quality of medical care in Greece is generally excellent, especially in the major centres of Athens and Thessaloniki. The Greek Government applies VAT by law to all food and drink purchased on the island and to similar items purchased on the Greek mainland. The island became part of the "Greek state" and refugees from Macedonia, Greece and Europe settled on it.

Traditional music is one of the traditions that is kept alive and appreciated by locals and foreigners alike. The typical music style of Skopelos is called rebetiko (rebetika) and its roots are in the traditional music of Greece, Macedonia and Macedonia, as well as in many other parts of Europe.

Historically, the island, known in ancient Greek as Peparethos or Peparethos (Pep Garethos), was colonized in the late Bronze Age by the Cretans, who introduced viticulture to the islands. On this island grapes began to grow and at that time he had acquired a reputation as a quality wine of ancient Greece.

The traditional Greek kiln was built so that people could experience ceramics in a way that the Greeks have done for centuries.

Skopelos is a little more of an island under the radar, but it is set against a lush mountain landscape and has enjoyed international prestige since being chosen by Hollywood producers to shoot the famous film Mamma Mia, which established the island as a tourist destination from around the world. The shooting took place mostly in the summer of 2012, with the exception of a few days in October and November 2013. With more than 50% of its surface covered by pristine pine forests, Skopels is probably the greenest island in Greece.

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More About Skopelos