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Greece is a popular place to get married. If you need a location that is easily accessible from the airport and a historic themed wedding, there is no better place to do it than Athens, one of the most popular destinations in Greece for a Greek wedding.

If your wedding guests like to party hard, then this island is perfect for the luxurious wedding vacation feeling. This tourist island is easily accessible and thus a great destination for your post wedding holiday. If you are planning your trip to Greece, don't look for a more remote destination like Skopelos. A great place for a post-wedding holiday is to enjoy all the things on the island after the wedding, such as hiking, fishing, camping, swimming and fishing.

With a beach feeling and a touch of luxury this part of the Greek coast could be perfect for a wedding location. Here you can enjoy the view, which is the vibrant heart of the island and the perfect destination for your post-wedding holiday.

It's hard to make a decision when there are so many amazing choices, so get in touch with us! Zakynthos may be a popular place for a holiday, but there are many hidden places that are perfect for private weddings. This guide will help you if you are considering a destination for your wedding in Greece but are not sure where to go.

Nauplia is the capital of Greece and is located in the centre of the city, which means that history lovers and wedding parties can really take advantage of all the cultural richness of this area. Here you will find taverns, restaurants, bars and cafés as well as a number of historic buildings and monuments. Similarly spectacular is Sifnos, where Nikolas Tselementes, who comes from the ancient city of Karpathos, a city with rich history and cultural heritage, lives.

The themes range from writing to renovating ancient Greek houses and Greek cuisine to the history of the ancient city of Karpathos. Marc has also compiled his own book, World Music, a collection of music from his native Greece.

If you are interested in helping or contacting the organizers, we welcome you to the Organizing Committee. The event website is http: / / and you can search for "Delphi and the Devil" on Facebook, there is a link on the Facebook page. Plans are underway for the second edition of the Delphi Devil, which will take place on May 10, 2014. We have over 300 participants and it is organized by the Greek Archaeological Society of Karpathos, the Greek National Museum and the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Here is a superstition and a tradition from beautiful Greece that only Greeks can understand. It is true that the tradition of the name day exists in many European countries, but in Greece it is highly respected and celebrated. For many Greeks, the celebration is indeed more important than a birthday, especially for adults, and it is customary to call someone by their name and congratulate them on the day.

Skopelos lags behind urban Greece, and customs are particularly insular, since wealth is patrilinear. The city is decidedly timeless - warped, with wonderfully idiosyncratic shops of all kinds that have long since disappeared elsewhere in Greece. The Greek Government applies VAT by law on food and drink bought on the island and on similar items bought on the Greek mainland (such as wine and beer).

When Mamma Mia was shot in 2008 and the Sporades became famous worldwide, Skiathos was considered a relaxing and peaceful island. It was not until 1833, when the Bavarian King Otto celebrated his first visit to Skopelos, that the Christmas tree tradition was introduced in the country. Greek President Konstantinos Tsatsos has signed the first Friendship and Cooperation Treaty between Greece and the European Union (EU). On October 19, 2014, the International Society for the Promotion and Promotion of Art, Culture and Tourism (ISPT) in New York City recognized SkOPELOS as a traditional settlement of outstanding beauty.

It is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and the most popular tourist destination in the world.

The island is served by the Alonissos International Airport, which also provides a connection between Alonsisso and Skiathos. However, the number of passengers is considered relatively low and the low level of cruise passengers may be due to the fact that it is not an established Greek cruise destination. The only airports that serve the island all year round and connect with Athens International Airport are Panathinaikos Airport (the only one in Greece with direct connection to Greece), Kavala Airport in Athens or Halkidiki Airport.

Skopelos has no airport, so visitors have to fly to Skiathos, where other scenes from the original Mamma Mia were filmed, and then take a ferry to Skopelsos for an hour. It has one of the few beaches on the island, which offers an accompanying beach bar. You can drive all the way back to the filming location (including Skopelos) to visit the tiny cliff - the side chapel where Sophie is married - and the small village of Chios.

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More About Skopelos