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The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of Christ is hosting the 56th annual Greek festival, which this year is themed "Skopelos." GreekFest is famous for its annual celebration of Greek music, dance, art, music and culture.

If you're not a big fan of international crowds, consider a trip to Skopelos, Greece, in September. The ferry is well-attended in July and August, and in summer there are large photo exhibitions. Although the island is becoming more and more cosmopolitan, even if you are not the biggest fan of the international crowd, it is still a great place to visit.

One year - the option is to fly from Athens or Thessaloniki and get a ferry to Skopelos, of which there are several daily. If you can get there by plane or from the nearest island of Skiathos, there is an airport at the airport. I have seen Santorini before, but when I plan a trip to Greece, I always look for a more remote destination like Skopelos.

According to TripAdvisor, only Skiathos has an airport at the airport that behaves only like Skopelos, and only in a very small space.

While the beaches are delightful, Naxos has so much more to offer for non-swimmers, and the mountain villages are wonderful. The best things to do in Skiathos Greece and the best things to do in Skyros Greece will help you decide whether you want to visit this beautiful Greek island.

The best things to do in Skiathos Greece and the best things to do in Skyros Greece with music in the mountain villages of Naxos and Skopos.

General Information: Many visitors think it is the most beautiful island of the Sporades or even Greece, because all the buildings are old and white, with huge bougainvillea flowerpots, it is full of churches, there are many restaurants, shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and cafes and the forest is completely covered. On the cruise you can visit the mountain villages of Naxos and Skopos, the most popular tourist destinations in Skiathos Greece, and make your first visit to the mountains of Skyros Greece with music.

The sea side is built with bars that play all kinds of music, rock and Greek music and you can enjoy rebetiko music alive and well. You can eat at the Anatoli restaurant and dance at the Kounos dance club, which is itself one of the most popular nightclubs in Skopelos, where music is played. Rembetiko and Skopelos are inextricably linked, you live on Skopelos as if you live in the same place.

You are dealing with an ultra-low temperature that you don't get in Santorini or Rhodes, but you do in Skopelos.

If you travel by ferry in Greece, you will get to know the people because you are less than two hours from Athens by ferry. You have a website where you can book your ticket and contact them to check the ferry timetables and times.

If you are hesitant to make a holiday in Greece, this blog will help you, and this page contains information about hotels and restaurants to do it. If you are in Athens for a day or two, you will experience everything in a long weekend, no less than here. The Sporades are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and the second largest city in Europe.

Many of these places host truly talented Greek musicians who play live music to complete your culinary experience. If you like to dine while listening to live Greek music, the Anatoli Tavern is the best place in Skopelos. There are no restaurants on the beach, but you can walk to Milia beach, where you will find very authentic Greek taverns.

Of course, the most famous Greek musical instrument is the bouzouki, which is actually a Turkish name, but its sound defined the Greek music of the 20th century. The music appealed to many and was of course a part of popular culture in Skopelos, as well as in Greece as a whole. Asian trivia that can be seen and heard everywhere, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East, from Europe to North America.

The Daily Telegraph described Skopelos as the 'perfect Greek island' and pointed out that despite the film's success, the island has not become a run-down theme bar. The city is decidedly timeless - warped, with wonderfully idiosyncratic shops of all kinds that have long since disappeared elsewhere in Greece.

Stroll through the cobbled streets and you will be followed by the sounds of lively bouzouki (folk music) through time - warped taverns that have been handed down from time to time - and the seaside restaurants that serve decadent fish plates. The typical music style of Skopelos is called rebetiko (rebetika) and its roots are in the music of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist. This kind of Greek music is folk song music from villages and the countryside, which is sung at the table and danced at weddings and festivals. Greek composers of that time who also wrote operas in Greek, but the musical content was Western for that time.

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More About Skopelos