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The island has played itself into the hearts of many visitors to Greece because of its beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery and good food. The hit movie "Mama Mia" came to town for filming and is still one of the most popular films in the world.

The beach culture of Skopelos is still one of the best places to spend time in the summer heat, which can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. If you like to dine while listening to live Greek music, the taverns of Anatoli are a good place for you in Skopselo. Self-sufficiency is the best way to learn the rhythm of this island, to eat beans and toast and to hide from the Hellenic civilization. Here you can eat, where taverns and restaurants in Greece can serve up delicacies in no time.

Stamatia Garden Pension (above) is a shady garden in the pretty bay of Agnontas, offering a true Greek sea experience with lush green gardens and the coolness of trees. Don'tbe at the restaurant on the beach, walking distance to Milia beach where you can find some very authentic Greek taverns.

The location is fantastic, the food is great and you can walk from the restaurant to the beach in just a few minutes and enjoy great views of the sea and the sea.

If you want to eat healthy in Greece, you can't do anything wrong with a delicious soup, and this simple white bean soup is one of the best examples. It is a staple in every Greek household and produces a wonderful meal, best accompanied with flatbread. This simple technique can be confused with a lack of flavor, although it is well packaged with the freshness of herbs a punch.

If you are in Greece to do any of the activities outlined above, you will need to take advantage of some fantastic Greek food, called Greek Super Foods. So if you are from Greece, please use these superfoods and eat well because you can.

The Boras Bakery in Karteradhos, where we ate, serves the best spanakopita you can ever taste, and gives you a good idea of what to expect. Santorini is the ideal place to enjoy a sip of this dish, with a great view of the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful view of the beach.

This fine restaurant in Skopelos Village Hotel is located right by the sea, close to the main Paralia in the southwest. The restaurant has moved from its original location in Karteradhos to its current location at the end of the beach and has since moved to a different location along the Scenic Highway in Skopselos Bay.

It's a bit like Pensacola, which is great, and it brings a lot of things to the area. The food is also great, the behaviour in a remote village, the local beer you can taste on the island, the atmosphere and the food.

You only have to walk through the streets for a few minutes and you will find a classic Greek street scene waiting to catch you. If you want to know where the Greek locals go, check what they read, try to get hold of a local newspaper or magazine to enjoy authentic Greek food. You can read the accompanying articles describing your "Greek non-food" experiences, but if you care about the food, atmosphere and local culture (what I have learned here), then you should take a look.

This includes a visit to a small church perched on a stunning rock in the Aegean Sea, but you want to experience what to see and do in this uniquely beautiful environment. Greece, with its beautiful landscape, beautiful people, fantastic food and fantastic culture, is the perfect destination for those who want to escape the monotony of life and create unforgettable memories with their lives.

As the island has no airport, you have to go to the neighboring island of Skiathos and then take the ferry to Glossa (Loutraki) or Skopelos town. The ferry takes you to Skiithos, GlossA and the port of Skopelos in 40 minutes, and another 30 minutes to the island capital Skopselos on the north coast.

The ferry is well-frequented in July and August, so consider a trip to Skopelos Greece in September if you're not a big fan of international crowds. Choose one of the daily flights from Athens to Skiathos, departing at around 17: 15 and meeting you at the airport to catch the only daily flight between Athens and Skiathsos departing at around 18: 30. There are two main hotels on the island, one in the port of Skopsselos and the other in Glossa.

The food is a Greek speciality, perfectly prepared and prepared by a fishing boat that gently teeters in front of the table. You can have lunch in one of the authentic Greek restaurants, which offer perfectly prepared fresh fish and a variety of other delicious dishes.

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More About Skopelos