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Take a well-deserved break by strolling through the old town of Skopelos and saying goodbye to the tranquility of the coast. Greek dance and music if you want to see and join in, and it is right on the beach, with plenty of homemade food and drinks for sale. You can sail with friends and family for a few days or even a week and a half in the Mediterranean before returning to your home in Greece.

The beach offers a wide range of facilities and activities you can take advantage of, including swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing and much more. There are many places to relax in the secluded bays and practice water sports, such as Milia, the largest and most popular beach in Skopelos. In the water sports facilities Milias you can do everything from swimming and diving to snoring, surfing and snobbing, as well as diving.

If you like to sail and discover the Skopelos Sporades by boat, you can rent one and take the excursions to the sea organized on the island.

Take a bus or taxi to the port of Volos, where you can also find a suitable boat, or take the bus from the airport. Land transport can reach Volos from any of the international destinations connected by the city, such as the port of Volos, which provides access to Athens, Athens International Airport and Athens - Piraeus Airport. You can fly by bus or directly from Athens to Skopelos or from the Greek capital Athens by boat or plane.

To reach the Sporades archipelago, many travellers fly to Skopelos from Athens International Airport or Athens-Piraeus Airport. Volos and Athens are connected once a day directly by a direct flight from the airport to the port of Volo and then by boat or plane.

Those who come stay in all-inclusive resorts, but some go to reputable Greek restaurants that serve a wide range of food and drinks, from seafood to wine and beer. If you are near the sea, you can also take a boat to Volo, and some places are the traditional ouzeri, where large and small fish plates are accompanied by many ouzo and other drinks of your choice. No - Greeks visit Evia a little, but they are more likely to go by boat or boat to Skopelos when it is closer to the sea.

For a souvlaki night, you should go to a beautiful characteristic small square dominated by a large, typically Greek plane tree. You can eat in one of the many restaurants, and also in the traditional ouzeri, with a wide selection of food and drinks.

My name is Skopelos and for 12 years it has been our summer home and our highlight in Greece, along with hundreds of Americans. We did a tour there in summer 2010 with our friends from the Greek National Tours Association (GNTA).

To go to Skopelos in summer is to take a step back and reconnect with nature and authentic Greek life. This is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy and watch, observe and just relax and find an empty beach. The green islands of Greece are the perfect backdrop to create a picture of peaceful natural beauty. There is also a wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels on the island.

Standing upright on a SUP board, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the water and the beautiful view of Skopelos as well as the view from the beach.

Sometimes referred to as Mykonos Sporades, this island offers the most tourist facilities, including a lot of nightlife. Volos consists of its physical attributes combined with the Pagasetic Gulf and Mount Pelion. The view is immense and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, especially in summer.

Greek and foreign music is played everywhere, in bars, taverns and nightclubs, and the music and dance here can be real. Hora lives at night and with a talent for sobriety you will soon find that you are dancing and breaking dishes with your new friends. I have heard many people say that a meal in Terpsis is worth a trip to Greece alone, but it is worth ordering the chicken a day in advance. The show will showcase the best of the city's food and drink, as well as the most beautiful landscape in Greece.

On the Greek side, the timetables are approximate, but the arrival of the ferry is inevitable, as the Aegean Sea is so gusty. The Greeks attributed a personality to the wind when Andronikos Kyrrhestes built his Tower of the Winds in Athens in the fourth century BC. During the Persian Wars, which lasted 50 years and saw three invasions and an attempted invasion of Greece, Peparithos remained neutral and joined the Athenians - led by the Delian League - to defeat the Persians successfully.

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More About Skopelos